Osprey's EV network boost: 125 Supernova chargers unveiled in Wallbox partnership


Author: Mankirat Kaur

Osprey Charging, a name in the UK's EV rapid-charging network, is set to expand its infrastructure through a partnership with Wallbox N.V., a provider of EV charging and energy management solutions.

As part of this collaboration, 125 Supernova DC rapid chargers by Wallbox will be deployed across 15 Osprey locations in the UK, marking a step in enhancing the accessibility and availability of rapid charging points.

The Supernova rapid charger, known for its user-centric design and straightforward payment process, aligns with Osprey's commitment to providing a reliable experience for EV users. This partnership not only meets the increasing demand for rapid charging but also supports Osprey in scaling up its charging network efficiently.

Lewis Gardiner, Head of Operations at Osprey Charging Network, said,“Our partnership with Wallbox enables us to increase the number of rapid chargers we can easily install at locations with low-voltage connections. Wallbox’s Supernova rapid charger meets our needs for power availability, ease of installation and maintenance, while offering the seamless experience we expect as standard for our customers.”

Osprey has activated the first set of chargers at Towneley Garden Centre in Burnley and the High Street in Hemel Hempstead. This move aligns with Osprey's plan to double the size of its rapid charging network throughout the country this year.