InstaVolt announces record rapid EV charger installations in the first quarter of 2024


Author: Mankirat Kaur

InstaVolt now has more than 1,500 live chargers across the UK, making it the largest CPO in the country.

InstaVolt, the UK’s largest rapid EV charging network, has installed a record number of rapid chargers in the first quarter of 2024.

The company installed 128 chargers at 44 sites across the country from January to March.

This includes the launch of InstaVolt’s latest superhub, which opened last month at the Syon Park in West London. The largest hub of its kind in the borough with 14 chargers offering speeds of up to 160kW, it is ideal for commuters and local drivers alike.

Further to installations, the quarter saw a record number of leased chargers which will now be entering into construction, with 212 chargers leased across the quarter and 100 in March alone – a record month for the company.

Simon Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at InstaVolt, said: “Delivering reliable, nationwide EV charging is our goal at InstaVolt. As a team, we’re thrilled to be able to announce we’ve gone above and beyond our installation targets for this first quarter, we’re installing faster than any other charge point operator and will continue to push ourselves.

“We’ve also entered a record number of chargers into lease, which will now enter the construction phase to ensure we maintain our rapid rate of growth. This delivery is essential to improving charging infrastructure across the country, bringing continued confidence to the sector and to those who are making the switch to a more sustainable and greener future by choosing to drive an EV.”

InstaVolt has plans in place to install 11,000 chargers in the UK and Ireland, 5,000 across Spain and Portugal, and over 300 in Iceland. With a pipeline of more than 16,000 chargers the Hampshire based company has employed staff in all regions to fulfil its goal to be the largest CPO in Europe.