City Hall drives London's EV future with five new ultra-rapid charging hubs


Author: Mankirat Kaur

City Hall and Places for London, TfL’s property company, unveiled plans for five ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging hubs that have the capabilities of powering up electric vehicles within a 10-30 minute timeframe.

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance, shared the news during the London EV Show, affirming that the sought-after locations for these hubs are now available for potential partners through a joint venture with TfL. The move aligns with London's commitment to foster a greener, more connected city, with the added benefit of generating long-term revenue reinvested back into the transport network.

The proposed ultra-rapid hubs, situated in Hanger Lane, Canning Town, Hillingdon Circus, Hatton Cross, and Tottenham Hale, are positioned to support high-mileage drivers, including taxis, private hire vehicles, and delivery services. Notably, Hanger Lane in Ealing will host the largest site, featuring up to 20 rapid charging bays and retail facilities.

Deputy Mayor Dance revealed that contracts for an additional 51 rapid charge points have been awarded to Zest, a charge point operator. As part of the Mayor's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Delivery (EVID) project, these sites, set to begin installation in early 2024, will complement London's already expansive network of over 18,000 public charge points. This constitutes over one-third of the UK's total public charging network, marking a four-fold increase since 2019.

Seb Dance, London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, said: “The wheels of change are turning on London’s streets - and they're electric. Londoners are charging ahead with electric vehicles, registering new electric cars at a far greater rate than the rest of the UK.

“London is leading by example, with over a third of all charge points in the UK installed in our city so far. The joint venture for ultra-rapid charging hubs announced today will make it even easier and more convenient for Londoners and local businesses to switch to electric vehicles. This will help build a better London for everyone—a city that is cleaner, greener, and healthier for all.”

Robin Heap, CEO of Zest said: “Zest is investing in rapid charging infrastructure that will serve Londoners for decades.  We are proud to be part of The Mayor’s EVID project as it prepares the capital for the exponential growth in electric vehicles and delivers on decarbonisation and air quality. We provide what people want - a convenient and reliable charging service built to last.”