British Forces Cyprus invests in electric vehicle charging solutions


Author: Mankirat Kaur

British Forces Cyprus (BFC) has awarded an £820,000 contract to Beam Global to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions with delivery expected by summer 2024.

Strategic Command’s innovation team, jHub, has been working with climate change and sustainability teams across Defence to deliver innovative solutions that help Defence become more resilient and more adaptable, all while working towards its environmental targets. Speaking on “meeting the myriad of challenges posed by climate change”, Brigadier Tom Harper, UK Strategic Command Attaché in the US, said: “This will require close collaboration between international allies. This fantastic project shows the strength and benefit of the UK and US industry partnership.”

The contract will provide British Forces Cyprus with 10 transportable EV charging points and an accompanying trailer to allow movement of chargers. Beam experts will also provide onsite training upon delivery of the equipment.

The chargers are completely grid independent and are deployable in minutes with no construction or electrical work required. Given this flexibility, they are rapidly moveable to new locations for events, emergencies or simply to move to a more optimal location.

Fitting inside a single standard parking space, reaching as many as 12 vehicles and charging any electric vehicle charger type, each EV ARC system generates and stores its own electricity. They have ‘follow the sun technology’ allowing up to 25% more solar power capture, and battery storage allowing charging to take place during the night, inclement weather, and even power outages.

This contract will help drive the ongoing transition away from fossil fuel sources, protecting us against volatile fuel prices and supply disruption while also improving air quality and benefiting the entire local area. In addition to key benefits to the environment, this exciting new development will be cost effective, flexible and resilient.

Further speaking on sustainability Brigadier Tom said: “Beam Global and its patented Solar Powered EV ARC™ will provide not only clean energy for British military electric vehicles in Cyprus, but the product is multi-utility and will be trialled to provide green energy and power key defence equipment in remote locations and overseas areas.”

Zoe Cooper, from the British Forces Cyprus Portfolio Office has echoed this sentiment saying: “Ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) technology is fast evolving, and we’re in full support for a cleaner, greener future. Improving our resilience with this renewable energy solution will help reduce overall costs, while providing longer term sustainability.”