Bedford Borough Council seeks residents' views on electric vehicle charging strategy


Author: Mankirat Kaur

Bedford Borough Council is calling upon residents to share their opinions on the proposed expansion of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the borough.

The council aims to address the growing need for improved EV charging options, particularly for those without private driveways or garages. At present just under 3% of all cars in Bedford Borough are an electric vehicle, by 2027 this is expected to climb to between 12% and 17%.

The consultation seeks feedback on the council's plans to utilise over a million pounds in capital funding from the Government to significantly increase the number of on-street charge points. The objective is to make EV charging more accessible and to remove some of the current barriers to EV ownership.

"We recognise the importance of making EV charging accessible to all residents, regardless of their housing situation," said a Bedford Borough Council spokesperson. "This consultation is a crucial step in ensuring that our plans align with the needs and preferences of our community."

The draft strategy, developed with guidance from the Energy Saving Trust, outlines proposed locations for the new charge points. Residents are invited to provide their input on the proposed sites during the consultation period, which runs up to Sunday 2 June.

"We are committed to filling in the gaps in current provision and extending charging infrastructure to areas currently underserved," added the spokesperson. "Our goal is to remove barriers that residents will otherwise face in the transition to electric vehicles, while also addressing environmental concerns related to air pollution."

In addition to expanding charging infrastructure, the council plans to engage with residents to explore other ways of promoting EV adoption. This includes providing information on EV options, trialling innovative charging solutions, and potentially expanding car clubs.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the consultation process to help shape the future of EV infrastructure in Bedford Borough. The survey can be found on the Bedford Borough Council website here.